Changes, Bugs, and Improvements posted by Kate at 3:23pm May 21, 2010. [del]

Well hello,

I'm creating this little area of the forums as a space where you can let me know what you'd like to change about  Have you encountered a bug?  Is something just *so* wrong that you can't stand it?

Leave a message here or email and we'll get on it.


i love being able to see all the pics at once...but it drives me nuts to open one, scroll to see it, close it, go to the next one..

is there a way to click, scroll through them???


other than that! love it so far!!


You have to scroll to see the pictures?  Are they too big for your screen?  Or are they appearing in a weird place that you have to scroll up or down to see them?

Also, you can click through them by clicking on the right half of the photo to go forward, and the left half to go back.


Not really a bug or anything, but I think it'd be nice to be able to go back and edit previous forum entries if you notice something stupid like a spelling mistake or just delete dumb posts entirely. Seems a little strange that that functionality doesn't already exist in the forums. I know we want people posting and not deleting posts, but seriously, sometimes someone says something stupid and they just want to change what they said or take it back entirely.


Yeah, don't worry. This is on the to-do list. There's just other higher-priority stuff I've been working on instead.


Edit! But not anymore!


No worries! I know yu've got a lot of work on your plate as it is. Keep up the good work, Aaron!


Hey look what you can do!


I wish there was an edit button for my life....  BECAUSE I NEED TO EDIT DOWN THE AWESOME!


I'll put it on the todo list.


Bonjour!  I cannot seem to approve a friend request.  When I click the lovely little "you've got a friend request" link, it brings me to the page where I can approve or ignore said request, and when I click the approve link, I just get a blank white page on my browser. 


The same happened to me!  But it was only with one friend request.  The others worked fine.


On it!


Merci, I tried accepting again, and it worked this time. :)


Excellent.  Soon friendships may even present benefits.  :)


Not that this is an issue that I personally find to be problematic, but I figured I'd give a heads up anyway.  On occasion (and from what I can tell, this is random), I'll click a photo to start viewing a set and instead of starting the viewer, it will just open the image directlty.  To give you the heads up, I've always gone back to try again and see what happened, but it always seems to work fine when I re-click.  Just a small heads up.  Certainly not an issue to me. 
If it is relevant, I run Firefox.


Weird indeed.  We'll try to replicate it and see what's what.


Hey guys,

When I click on "Models" at the top, it just takes me back to the home page as opposed to showing the list of models like it used to before.  Has that feature been exnayed or is there a missing link?


Seems to be working for me.  I only just tried this out, though.  Is it still not working for you?


Nope.  Still takes me back to the home page.  Even if I type in, I get the "something has gone horribly wrong" error message.


I think I got it now.  I have to hover ever so carefully and click in a small portion otherwise it'll take me to the home page.


Strange.  Browser?




Yeah, this was Safari/Chrome problem. Fixed now, though. Thanks for letting us know.


For some reason, today all the photos except for the latest set with Bettybitch are showing up with broken frames.




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