Location, location... posted by WinterSultrice at 1:21pm February 9, 2014. [del]

Hello lovelies!

I  have been dying to do another shoot, especially now that there is snow on the ground (which I would obviously be very excited about).

My problem is finding locations. Do you have tips, locations at your disposal, or some other resource that could help a fellow model out? I would love to do an outdoor shoot once it's less deathly out, but still beautiful and snowy. I have no fence around my yard, and since I didn't grow up in Winnipeg, I really don't know what this city has to offer.


Thanks dears,


I would recommend a place outside of the city, would Bird's hill be open in the early morning?

it would have to be on the fly, but if you could capture the trees right after a freezing fog, they would have frost all over them. I find it beautiful.


Be sure there is a hot shower to warm up.  a sweat lodge or fishing tent would do if you have an experienced outdoorsman.  A car  or truck  won't do!!!


Thank you both! :)


Still thinking about a workable winter shoot.

A sleeping bag in a quinzy as a theme.  Building the quinzy, preparing the quinzy to sleeep in.  a glass of wine in the quinzy. ect.   And the rveal is the sleeping bag slowly comming open.  Lighting would be a coleman lamp and the reflective nature of snow.  There is not much time until spring melt though.  Not suitable for a new or weak photographer.  The photographer would have to coach attitude because of the cold  distraction.  Most cameras do not work in the cold as well.  Probably a blaclberry phone would be best.


This  shoot would require a lot of  "storyboard ideas"  Perhaps everone could male suggestions.  Nobody wants to be out in the cold thinking up new ideas.


Thanks Natevii! That's a GREAT idea! But I agree that I'm running out of time. Ah well, Summer isn't that long in Manitoba. It wouldn't be the end of the world to wait until snow hits the ground again. But if I can do it sooner, I will!


Basically if you go to a park inside or outside the city, hike into the trails a little and go off, you can find good places. We've shot in Assiniboine Forest before (just off the path a bit) as well as Baldry park. Kings Park would be good! Even a well shielded backyard gives the neighbors a chance at an eyeful ;)

It's been brutal cold but if you can still get out before melt go for it!


Hey Winter, 

If we can do it relatively quickly during the daytime, my backyard is FULL of snow. 

Lemme know. :)


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