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Most women have been there.  Thoughts that our lady parts are not up to snuff, that they're gross, that no one would ever want to see such a thing.  I've certainly been there.  My outer labes (majora) are hardly puffy and I've never really even noticed them.  However, the minora always seemed to me as a younger woman to have been large.  

But what is large?  Is it what we see in mainstream porn?  

The trouble festering with labia is that we don't see other "average" vulva on a regular basis as women, especially not while growing up and discovering ourselves.  Most of us by age 16 have seen vulva in porno scenes, but likely not more than a couple in person.  This is where our opinions can be made, and they are more than likely that our labia are not like everyone else's labia because they are not the same as the ones in mainsteam porn.

Cue feminist response.  The Large Labia project is gaining momentum, and I couldn't be a happier person for it.  With more and more women seeking out labiaplasty (an honest-to-god surgery that cuts off part of your genitals because of some patriarchally-perceived notion that labia should be small and "tidy"), it's incredibly important to remind women that they are not alone - in fact, that however they were born is the perfect way for them to be.

It's alarming to me, while reading the posts on LLP, how many women are scared of what men will think of their bodies, and as such are ashamed to wear bikinis or become sexually active. 

So let's talk labia.  Let's do it all the time. Perhaps I'll get a little more intimate in my next shoot, because labes are awesome.  

What do you think of all this?  What are your experiences with vulva shame or vulva love?

Not to brag or toot my own horn, but I never had these insecurities.  It could be because I have the "porn star" sort of look in my undies.  *shrug*  I do, however, find labiaplasty astonishing and very painful to think about.  I remember when Jenna Jameson retired from porn that there was a rumour part of it was because she had labiaplasty done and it hadn't gone well.  In fact, her minora had become much more prominent in her later years.

Enough about porn star vulva!  I highly recommend people check out a documentary called The Perfect Vagina because it discusses just what is "normal" (there's no such thing - it's all good!), asked guys what they thought (I believe most said they didn't care what the labia looked like), and embracing what you got.  


I managed to accept that my labia had some scar tissue at the top and the minora seemed huge in comparison, and come to love them just the way they are, but the trouble with that is that I accepted being different, assuming there was a norm. 

One day I stumble upon the "Cunt Colouring Book" which is a bunch of detailed drawings of the line work and some shading of LOTS of different vaginas. There was tons of different details and I realized that the details of mine were very different and very much the same. The same in being different. 

We get along a lot better now, that vagina and I. 


As a male opinion on the topic I have to say that I've never come across a labia that I didn't find beautiful or sexy. I was surprised that this was an issue. I suppose I never considered it. It's too bad mass media has a lot of people feeling less than "normal". I personally enjoy that every labia is different in shape, size, and colour. Its part of the excitement and surprise of being with someone new. Its like unwrapping a gorgeous present!

I feel as if the issue is similar to the penis size thing that men go through. If you go by mainstream porn then we're all falling short (no pun intended... ahem) but that's an unrealistic expectation. I see those videos and images as being part of a fantasy.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Just takes the right person to see it in someone else!


I never gave mine much thought until recently when during a nude shoot (with a different photographer than I usualy use), he asked me to "tuck myself in". Uh, excuse me? Tuck myself in? My lady bits are lovely and tidy. They dont flop all willy nilly about. And if they did, well then I just have a custome breeze now dont I?


Needless to say, I told that bugger to 'tuck' himself, and I never shot with him again.


I've never had vulva hate, when I was younger a partner told me I had the best lips he's ever seen. I reckon'd he had seen a few to have a stance and didnt give it a second thought :)


well in the end every woman is diffrent and every man has there own preference . Myself i like the larger labes and everything hidden inside , but alot of the guys friends i have like the minora to come out ( the flower ) as they called it , personally i dont or cant like that its not my preference but alot do . so from a guys point of view , they are all beautiful.. and all womens bodies are beautiful. but some things are just not for all of us 


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