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You know what I love?  Fucking snacks.

Popcorn.  With, like, BBQ flavouring on it.

Also curries.

Let's learn about each other.  What do you like to eat in your mouth? ;)

Chocolate almonds.  
Peanut Butter Cupcakes from the Lilac Bakery. 
My brother's lasagna.
Pretty much anything at all from Stella's. Seriously? Every second restaurant should be Stella's. 
Chili fries from the Daly Burger. 
(I notice I am listing things I rarely allow myself to eat anymore. And I am now very hungry! Thanks Kate!)


Oh my goodness.  Where do I start?  People think there's nothing I can eat as a vegan, yet there are so many things that I loooove!

Chocolate - vegan varities (i.e. rice milk) or real dark chocolate sans milk ingredients.

Fruit!  Strawberries, bananas, grapefruit, oranges, apples, grapes, and so on.

Spaghetti (which I'm about to have).

Daiya cheese covered nachos with salsa.

I have a chocolate pudding recipe that I love that consists only of avocado, banana, maple syrup or agave nectar, cocoa powder, faux milk, and vanilla.  It's amazingly delicious with almonds.

Homemade coconut milk ice cream or Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Chocolate cupcakes made by Sweet Nothings Bake Shop.

Boon Burger poutine.

I need to stop as my mouth is watering.


risotto.  i make a kickass simple risotto with a touch of sauted onion, some white wine, and parmesan and mozzarella cheeses AHMAHGAHD.....

shredded hashbrowns

popcorn with real butter.  extra butter ooooh behbeh

cheese all kinds of cheese.... well not ALL kinds, but some lovely kinds.  like brie.

granny smith apples and peanut butter.

chocolate cake, om nom nom.

cucumber salad, the kind where the cucumbers are sliced uber-thin, and the dressing is mostly sour cream.

i just had dinner but now i'm hungry again.  and kind of drooly.  i could go on but i will stop so you all don't think i'm food obsessed and also so i don't drool on my shirt.


Are you an anti-blue cheese person?  'Cause I could make you a mean blue cheesy meal.  But only if you like blue cheese.


y'know, i've never really delved too far into the depths of blue cheese.  the blueyness of it kind of makes me timid.



Broccoli stems, radishes, pineapple which is the most acidic fruit there is, kiwi, seasoned sunflower seeds, and...

A TALL, cool glass of whole milk, or strong iced tea.



Oh my goodness, YES!  Pineapple!  And Spitz seasoned sunflower seeds!  Exclamation marks!


boroccoli stems are the most underrated part of broccoli..... oft' discarded, soooo delicious


Hah!  I love how much everyone is drooling from all of this.  And now I want a hamburger.  


Deli Meats... no crackers, no cheese... just give me a slab of deli meat and I'll devour it. Oh! And popcorn! OH! And speghetti. OH OHOH! And now Im hungry.


For my twenty-ninth birthday, Kate threw me a surprise party. Included in this party were all of my favourite foods - she had been surreptitiously gathering this data in the previous weeks. Had I known she was creating a menu to serve to all our friends, I perhaps would have come up with a different list.

Waffles and vanilla pudding
Peanut butter (straight, like just on a spoon)
Jam and cheese sandwiches


There was also bacon on sticks and mini rhubarb pies.


How could I forget!



I agree with Belinda that every second restaurant should be Stella's.


Hollandaise sauce.

Cheese on toast is my favourite comfort food.


Green curry! Ice cream! Apples! Stew and biscuits! <3 Also those squishy green tea mochi dessert things...


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