Post your profiles! posted by MariePrairie at 8:23pm December 18, 2012. [del]

Hey there, models and members!

I'm starting a thread with all my social network links so that others in this community can add me if they'd like to and haven't already done so. I encourage others to do the same here, if you wanna.
*If we have no mutuals, please at least say hi or something first.

Yay! Internet.

Hey that's a great idea, then people can coordinate across the board.

I'm on MM and Fet,


I've also put together a small website blog under, but it's been still for a bit as it undergoes renovations. 


While I do have a Mayhem profile, I'm rarely ever on it.  I have a Twitter page though and welcome more followers as I still navigate my way around it.  :) 


i's only a facebooker and a modelmayhemer.  perhaps i will tweet one day, but today is not that day.


Had to delete my old Fet account but created a new one:

Model Mayhem number: 2806299 :)



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