What would you like to see? posted by Kate at 9:35am January 18, 2010. [del]

So here we are, relaunched and with everyone recreating their accounts and whatnot.  Awesome.  Now it's time to start tailoring the site to what you'd like. 

Are there any features we have that you'd like to see improved?  Ones we don't?  Types of photography you'd like to see integrated? 

Post your suggestions and feedback here, or email them to kate@cherrystems.com if you'd rather not have them public.  The nice thing about being here so early on is that you can help tailor it to your likes.  Hoorah!

Just a technical thing, but [erhaps there should be a way to edit forum posts or blogs that have been posted.


For instance, I'd love to edit the typo that says "[ermaent" instead of "permanent."


Yes!  This!  It's now on the list.


You're right about forum posts, but blog posts can already be edited: go to your profile, and at the bottom where it lists your blog entries, there is a pencil icon on the right side of the post header. Click that.


Oh! I have thought of something!  Is it possible to add some text over the friends we have?  Like, a mouse hover over thinger? 


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