A while ago, a couple of photographers, three ladies, a hair and makeup artist, headed down to the Albert to shoot some photos. This week's new set by Kate was just one of the few sets we shot that day.

As a longtime patron of this punk/rock haunt, I was absolutely stoked to shoot here. Of course I'd drunkenly stared up at the balconies hundreds of time, always wondering what kind of debauchery was going on behind the scuzzy window panes. I'm happy to say that I've now contributed to the debauchery.

It's a set that really rocks my world, and I hope it rocks yours too.

On another note, you should all head down to this event in May. It's a fantastic-looking burlesque show in our hometown of Winnipeg. It's taken a while for burlesque to catch on here, but it's clearly in full swing these days. Come out and support the scene!

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