There are no words for today's new set by the spectacular Andrea! I love it, it's amazing, and editing it today has energized me to the point that I can't stop smiling like a giddy school girl. I love it! So much!

Stop in and let her know how awesome it is. I know I will.

Hey, we're on twitter! Follow us for live updates from events, shoots, or just when I'm feeling saucy.

Also! Tomorrow is the day for the WRDL's first home-turf bout! Word on the street is that it's sold out, so I hope you got your ticket. If you are going to be headed down tomorrow, be sure to pick up a program for some amazing membership savings here at CS. Here's the price breakdown for the promotion*:

1 Month: $10 $5
3 Month: $20 $10
6 Month: $30 $15

Holy crap! That's a 50% savings! You can qualify for this promotion by sneaking a peek at the WRDL bout program. It's our gift to you wonderful derby supporters of Winnipeg. Prices per month are as low as $2.50! I know we can't do Visa transactions yet, but that's coming in the next month or so. If you only have a Visa and want to be a member, email for some advice. Ahem.

*Promotion is for a limited time, and runs 'til May 27, 2010.

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