I'm so glad this one is finally out! Two summers ago, a group of lovely Cherrystemmers packed up our bags and headed out to high lake's eco cabins for a weekend of drinking, shooting, and relaxing. We got two wonderful sets out of the weekend, the other which will be released next week.

This set is by Kate, which is also known as yours truly. I'll avoid writing in the third person.

The plan was to hop in the water, but I'd sprained my ankle pretty badly the night before. I'd taken the bandage off and hobbled up and down the rocks, laughing my ass off at the absurdity of the whole situation. The end result is stunning, with the crystal clear skies and water.

Enjoy the set, think of summer, and remember that it's not that far off anymore! Leave a comment on the set if you dig it! It'd make my day.

Rock out tonight at Fesitval, those of you that live in Winnipeg. Caribou is best out of a glass made of ice.

Happy weekend,

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