Welcome everyone! After a year of test test testing, we finally have a finished product. You may see design changes and the like in the months to come, but what it all boils down to is a fully-functioning website. No more dead links, no more promises. It's really all here. No foolin'!

Cherrystems is volunteer-run, and as soon as we raise enough cash to do a few costly things with the website (advertising in print media, Visa merchant payment of $750, incorporation, etc), we're aiming to become a charitable organization. So far the aim is to donate 50% of the cash that flows in to the website to various charities for the rest of the life of the website. We'll run a poll when we get closer to our goals and let you all choose who gets cash. The organizations selected for the poll will be shelters, help lines, body image courses and counseling, sexual health awareness organizations, and more. All amazing things that we need here in Canada. Hooray!

So that said, tell your friends about Cherrystems.com! The more subscriptions we get, the sooner we can get donating! Here we go!

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