Hey folks! 

We're so excited to roll out associated blog posts with new set releases, so you can get a little bit of behind-the-scenes info and have a better understanding of when sets are released!

On that note, today we released "Wonderland", featuring the amazing Keelie Bradshaw. This set was shot in a Toronto park, with folks walking around just above the shoot blissfully unaware of what was happening down in the ravine. Keelie's incredible smile and effervescent kindness are super evident, and you're going to *love* it!

It's also the debut for Model-turned photographer Caroline, who shot these amazing photos of real life partner Keelie.

Stay tuned for more!
Caroline on Dec 8, 2015 at 11:04pm:
We've gone back and shot there a few times doing rope bondage on rocks and even another set that I have in the works.

One time while we were doing rope bondage a lone jogger came by multiple times, with head phones in barely paying us any mind as he ran right past us. All the whole we're fumbling over ourselves trying to decide how we play it off, but he just jogged on past, getting his work out.

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