We've all been to those porn sites! The ones where you go, and you type in exactly what you're looking for, and voila! And it's not to say I'll never go there, but let's talk for a bit about tags.

Cherrystems has specifically never used tags. I don't disrespect places that do use them, as it does create a smoother and more streamlined navigation experience through a website - especially when we're talking about porn. People often know exactly what they like, and so they go to the website of their choosing, type in "double penetration" or "bbw" or "giant dick" or something similar, and they're on their way. 

We've always taken a different approach here, to provide variety. I specifically want users to come to the site and discover things that they already liked, and things that they weren't aware they adored. Maybe you came to Cherrystems looking for a skinny blonde cis woman, and that's great! You found her, and that's super exciting! But on the way, you clicked by a few other models - and a few of them excited you. People you didn't know you were attracted to!

people can turn me on that I didn't know could turn me on?!

Now, I realize that this model is completely inconvenient and likely loses me customers. But ultimately, it's something that I feel is important to have out there. A simple non-hierarchical list alphabetically presented, representing so many different people. 

I've always struggled with labelling. I realize that some people love the shit out of it, though. It can help folks to feel like they belong to something, like what they are has legitimacy. It can act as a shield, as a purpose, and as a goal. But for me, labels have basically always felt to constraining. Gender, style, musical tastes, even age all felt like they came with a thousand expectations for me - and they do. As a result, the communities that I build tend toward label-free. That's really confusing for some folks, which I find super interesting.

On the other hand, when does labelling become fetishization? And is fetishization inherently bad? Do I think it's awesome that more and more folks are searching out terms like "queer", "bbw", "trans", and more? You fucking bet I do. But the interesting thing about terms like that is that they're specific search terms. They're words that mark the "other". You're not just searching for porn, you're searching for porn with trans people in it - because porn as a term itself doesn't come up with results that typically cast trans people. Porn by itself means white, thin, and young. I want to be that part of the internet where the people that you encounter aren't necessarily on a binary, aren't all a specific size or age (over 18). 

However! I know that on my video site, Ciné Sinclaire, I'll be making some use of tags in both the clip store and the main subscription area. My goal is to only tag sex acts, rather than reducing the people in the videos to their labels. Not to shame anyone that loves labelling at all, but it's something that I feel is important for myself to work toward.

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Skinartia on May 9, 2015 at 10:49am:
I think this is wonderful. I really like your idea for the video site using tags of sex acts. You're accommodating people that want to search out a tag for what they want to view, but you're keeping their experience open to perhaps see bodies involved in those sex acts that they wouldn't normally see or gravitate towards. That's amazing and I'm sure it will open people's eyes to a broader experience, finding a new fancy tickled along the way. Well done!

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