Long time no talk!  That's a thing that's both good and bad. It means that the site hasn't been behaving weirdly or completely broken in a while, so I haven't had to make server status updates or anything like that. But!  It also means that I've fallen out of contact with you - my favourite amazing subscribers.

In terms of news right now, most of the action is going on behind the scenes - quite literally. We're gearing up for the new, more explicit, site, and can announce that we've re-enlisted the talents of our designer Chad, and of our programmer Aaron.  The new site will be coded in Ruby on Rails, which for any geeks out there means that we're kinda hip. Or that we wish we were? Regardless. It'll be spiffily-coded and certainly gorgeous if Chad has anything to do with it.  He'll also be taking on a few of the pages here on CS that Aaron designed (Aaron in not a designer - hello Members page!).

Some of the models of CS will be making a public appearance at the Pinups and Sailors party for Gender Fest here in Winnipeg on February 15th at Gio's. I'm going to make a separate, personal blog about it, so you should keep your eyes peeled for that.

Otherwise, you'll start to notice more video updates in the coming weeks.  I've finally decided to upgrade from my netbook to a fancy MacBook Pro, specifically so that I can work on the road.  Being that I spend half of my life traveling, this is a big deal. Now I can just spend my time at home relaxing!  ... Or making porn.  Ya know, whatever mood I'm in.

And now I'm off to bed.  I'm stuck in an airport hotel in Edmonton tonight, so I might as well get some sleep.


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