I have to apologize for something.  Real hard. 

A few months ago, we shot the slumber party sets.  That night we also shot Casting Couch and Wash Day.  Wash Day was at the end of the night, and we were all kinda tired - so when I saw only around 40 photos in my dropbox, I was all like "Yeah, ok, I guess not all of them were super awesome."  I added all the watermarks and resized the photos and went on with my merry day. 

A few days later, I opened my dropbox again to find another 35 photos... FROM WASH DAY!?  Oh shit.

So.  I'm re-releasing Wash Day, with all seventy-odd photos, rather than its original piddly 38.  Brynna, the photographer, has received many an apology for this, and here's yet another - I'm sorry! 

But the good news for all of you is that you get to see a particularly cute and sassy set with even more pictures, and even more awesome!


The whole set goes live at 12:00pm (noon!) Central Time on Friday, August 24, 2012.


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