I am on one hell of a roll today. 

We've uploaded our newest toy review, a piece by Samara on the Buck Up Grande, a wonderful toy from Get Gorilla Sex, branded by Buck Angel.  It's an amazing toy, and while I was sad to see it come and go and not get to play with it, I'm the gladdest that someone else got to enjoy its giantness and fucking classiness.

Check out the review, and then buy one for yourself.  They're pretty amazing, and also make body jewelery. 

Did you check out this last week's set?  The Slumber Party Part 2??  THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE MISSING:

The whole experience was awesome.  8 models, 2 photographers, and a whole lot of getting to know each other.  It was amazing, and a great learning experience, hehe!

This week we've got Samara's Extra Terristris debuting July 6 at 12:00am!  CHECK IT OUT!

And now I'm off to pitch some butt plugs, because it makes me happy.


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