Well hello!

I haven't written an official front page blog in a bit, so here goes!

What have I/we been up to for so long that there's been relative front page silence?  So many things!  First off, we've been uploading a new set every Friday for over 3 months!  That's due to the amazing hard work of our wonderful photographers, models, hair and makeup people, and location-donators.  You're all such wonderful people and have helped Cherrystems to grow to what it is today.  Awesome.

We also had our very first float in the Pride Parade here in Winnipeg!  Check out some of the wonderful pictures by Dayna!  We handed out cookies as promotional materials and danced our butts off on the back of a truck.  Awesome!

Marie and Candie!  (hehe, look at Samara's awesome butt!)

The whole gang after the parade!  Clockwise from centre (12 o'clock), Marie (model), Angie (helper friend!), Aaron (programmer), Leanne (helper friend!), Kate (me), Kat (future model), Samara (model), Skinartia (model), Brynna (photographer), Nicole (hair and makeup), Sweet Pea (model - debuting next week!!), Ari (future model), Candie (model). 

Badass float.

Ana and Ricardo!  Two awesome people in an awesome shot!  Ricardo helped us have our bumpin' tunes.  Oh yeah.

Truck party in full swing.


So basically, we had a great time.  As you can tell from the plastic on everything, it was rainy for a tiny bit.  We covered the signs because they're really just acrylic paint from dollarama on white fabric.  Yeah, we're resourceful. 

In other news, we're welcoming two brand new models to the site this week and next.  Here's a couple of preview images from our newest debut - MJ!

He is amazing!  If you don't have a membership yet to view all 67 smouldering images, GET ONE NOW!!

Hope all's well in your world!

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