As luck would have it, Friday the 13th did have an effect here at Cherrystems.  I have been on the road most of the last two weeks, and somehow completely lost track of time.  As a result, today's set previewed 11 hours late because I was convinced that today was actually Thursday. 

When the realization hit this morning, I jumped out of bed and plopped right down in front of the computer.  Right to work! 

The awesome news is that it's up and visible now, so check it out!  We're welcoming yet another beautiful model to the site, Colette.  She approached me with the idea to shoot a Theda Bara-inspired set, with hopes for doing it outside while there was still snow on the ground.  As luck would have it, the Tuesday we picked was just before the big thaw, but was still above 0 so that she wasn't completely frozen.  Ian and Adventuress made the trudge out to a secluded forest and made this magic happen.

As a bit of an apology for the lateness of the posting, we'll be uploading a very special video later today.

Enjoy your Friday!

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