Good evening!  Trust you're well.  We sure are.

Why?  Because today we're introducing you to a brand new set from one of our newest models, CalamityJane.  She's fresh meating it up with the Winnipeg Roller Derby League, who we're happy to have advertised with in the past.  They've actually just had a bout last week on the 24th - you may have even met Miss CalamityJane if you were there!

Also, why in the fuck am I watching song after song on The Sing Off on Youtube right now?!  Seriously, what the fuck?  I saw that Ben Folds is one of the judges, so I looked into it (being the big nerd with a boner for Ben Folds that I am), and now I've found myself here an hour later having watched like 8 songs worth of pop drivel done a cappella.  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, INTERNET??

In other news, we're almost done selecting the most popular photos on the site for our 2012 calendar.  Should be off to the presses by next week, so get fancying!  Click the fancy button below each photo while viewing them to fancy an individual photo.  Like them all?  Good!  Like as many as you want, it can surely be more than just 12.  It can be 1200 if you like!

Anyhow.  I'm off to watch more friggin' Sing Off. 

Stupid internet.

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