Lots has been going on lately.  Both with regards to Cherrystems, and in the lives of those running it!  As you're all well aware, summer is in full swing.  4 CS models, 1 photographer, and a fellow with a video camera (!!) headed out to Patricia Beach recently.  For those not in the know, Patricia Beach has a clothing optional section down at the end of it. 

We splashed in the water, had some fun, drank some wine, and ate some fruit - but most importantly, that weekend produced 5 full sets of photos.  Awesome.  We'll also be welcoming a new model to our ranks real soon because of that day, so stay tuned to meet her!

We've also started to recruit in Edmonton, Alberta.  I met with two lovely ladies who will likely be giving me a hand by being local representatives.  Excellent. 

Updates are fun, but the sun is calling now - time to work on those tan lines (ha!).


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