ForestWoods is our very first remote model, meaning he's taken matters into his own hands and taken this amazing set all on his own, many miles away from CS headquarters.  An exciting day indeed.

I absolutely love this set, and all of its honesty.  Nudity is at the core of what we do here at Cherrystems, and giving people the opportunity to explore the concept in a safe way is what makes us tick.  I'm so pleased to introduce our third set of male photographs, and even more pleased at the amazing variety of people that are coming forward.

You may also notice our text editor utility is now different and, we think, much awesomer.  It includes such lovely things as spellcheck-capabilities, lists, formatting, links, and photos.  Ooo, sensual.

Now it's time to stop writing and gaze upon some nudity. 

Happy Saturday!  Sorry again for the delay in set-posting.  Everyone needs a day off every now and again - even Kate!

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