Good evening/morning/hello in general. 

We have yet another week of sexy new images for you here at Cherrystems, this time courtesy of Samara, with her set titled "Shedding Skin".  It was all brought together by amazing photographer-extraordinaire, MissMetro in a friend's creepy creepy basement. 

No really, I mean it was super creepy.  It was this tiny little room off the foundation of the house, with a tiny arched doorway and about 1000 spiders.  Apparently he vacuumed a lot of them up before we arrived, which is nice. 

Regardless of the spider situation, we dove right in and made ourselves as "at home" as we could.  My opinion?  Super amazingly worth it.  Stop by the set and leave a comment to let her know just how worth it that it was. 

Cheers, and happy weekend!

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