Hey everyone! 

Great news today.  We've celebrated breaking 500 fans on Facebook (yay!) this past weekend, and that number keeps on climbing.  So that's awesome.

Awesomer?  Now that we've awarded our free lifetime membership to a wonderful, brand-new member!  We'll be doing the same thing every 100 fans that we get on the Facebook page.  What are we going to do to encourage you to invite people?  Good question!

If you share Cherrystems.com on Facebook (under our profile photo, there is a link that says "Share" - click on it!), take a screen shot of it, and send it to us at contact@cherrystems.com, we'll give you a promo code to enjoy Cherrystems.com for a whole month at no charge!  30 days of nudity, your own account, all that good stuff. 

Here's the steps!

1. Like Cherrystems on Facebook.

2. Click "Share" under the profile picture on the left and post our page to your profile.

3. Take a screen shot (here's how on a mac, and on Windows, or just take a picture of it with your phone or a camera) of your profile with the shared link on it - so that we can see you've happily shared the love!

4. Email the picture to contact@cherrystems.com, OR tag Cherrystems in the shared link.  Basically, make us know that you've shared it.  When we get it, we'll send you a reply with a promo code!

5. Take your promo code to the sign up page, fill out the required info, and enjoy a whole month of free nudity!


Get on it!

*offer expires September 1, 2011

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