Cherrystems is undergoing a certain kind of website-type rebirth.  We're taking all of the advice that's been given to us over the last few months of awesomeness, and making ourselves even awesomer.

We've seen the introduction of the Articles section, which is going over insanely well.  So many of you are looking to submit articles!  If you're interested in doing so, you have to go through me (Kate), so fire off your article to  Articles are basically blog-type entries written by users that are in line with what Cherrystems is all about.  Healthy living, sex, music, lifestyles, and much more.  If you have anything you want to tell the world, you have two methods at your disposal.  You can use your blog to post anything you like, anytime.  If you think you want it in the articles section, you'll have to email me to see if it's something CS would like to back. 

All blogs and articles are now visible to non-members!  Yay! A lot of people have been asking for more free content, and we've been making the effort to diversify and offer more content for those who aren't sure about getting a membership just yet. 

Check out today's article, written by the lovely Andrea, about getting enough water and the positive effects that it has on the body.  Forget fad cleanses and other bullsnap - plain, simple water is the best way to go.

Tomorrow, a new set preview will hit our Facebook page, and Friday it'll hit the CS servers.  Hells yeah.

Samara on Apr 6, 2011 at 10:47pm:
awesome! sounds great =)

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