It's been a while since my last *official* update, though both myself and programmer man Aaron have been updating the site itself like madpeople.  Luckily, it's all done.  

Also lucky?  Having a brand new model to introduce all of you to!  She just shot her very first set on Saturday evening at a great Winnipeg landmark.  We're so excited to be bringing new people on board, and love the enthusiasm everyone's been sending out.

We're also pleased that photographer DaynaDanger will be returning to Winnipeg for a spell in mid March to visit and to shoot naked people.  Hooray!  Now all we need is her partner, Bee, to come home too.  :)  I have such fun with those girls.

We're also planning a group shoot to address some of the issues that came up long ago during the time of our Winnipeg Free Press article.  There were a bunch of negative sentiments expressed, including that I have misshapen breats, that some people are too flat, some too large, etc.  A bunch of us are getting together, the tall and the small, to show just how happy we are about those little differences in bodies.  We could have gotten super mad about name-calling and negativity, but instead we decided to roll our eyes and continue being awesome.  Good call, I think.

In the last bit of news, some of you may notice that the Customer From Hell set that was recently posted has since been taken down. After long and careful consideration, I decided that it broke too many of my own rules to have up on the site.  I made the rules, and I broke them. Apologies to anyone who was disappointed in me for posting set, but you can now know that I learned a lesson about set publishing from all of it.  Everything is just going to be a lot more transparent around here in terms of photoset expectations from us.  Capiche?  Excellent.

It's time for me to get back to work, but before that, I'm changing the feature set for the week.  It's late, but we also didn't have new material for this week.  So here's me with pink hair.


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