Welcome to yet another Friday.  Things are getting really exciting here as we ready ourselves to introduce three new models over the next several weeks.  We'll also see the return of some CS vets, which excites the crap out of me.

I also have a new schedule to announce.  Set previews hit our Facebook page on Thursdays in the form of 3 preview pictures.  Sets are featured on Fridays.  That much stays the same.  To add to that, however, we're adding featured article days.  These will be making their way to the front page soon, but until then can be found under the articles tab at the top of the page.

Tuesdays: Kev's Cassette Club
Saturdays: Saucy Saturday with a weekly featured erotica selection

We'll also be adding other non-regular articles on random dates as they come in to us.  Check in!

Last night was spent making wonderful connections with some good folks at a local University publication.  Here's hoping I get to explore possible glee with them in the future.

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