We've been talking about them for months now.  Articles.  What do we mean by articles?

We mean a section of the site featuring writing that is hand-picked by Cherrystems.  Yes, there are blogs for users.  Those blogs can contain anything the user wants (so long as it's respectful, etc).  The articles, however, are regularly updated blogs of their own - that happen to adhere to a certain theme. 

We're debuting the section for the very first time today, and featuring Kevrock666's blog, titled "Kev's Cassette Club".  In this lil' blog of his, he'll be going through his old cassette collection at random, reviewing what he finds on a weekly basis.  Sounds good?  Great.

Keep you eyes peeled for more articles as the week progresses, and if you'd like to submit an idea for an article/blog of your own, don't hesitate to drop a line!


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