Happy New Year, everyone.  Welcome to 2011.  Hopefully the first week of it has treated you all as awesomely as it can. 

I could blather on about all the new goodies we're working on, but that will just have to wait 'til February.  Also, I'm sure you're all here for a much better reason - this week's new set, Pop by Skinartia.

Not only is this set eye catching because of the pretty lady in it, it's also quite possibly the most brightly-coloured set that we've ever featured.  I mean seriously, look at those colours! 

We actually shot this set as a kind of response to some of the negative remarks we've encountered in our days out on the internet.  Some folks seem to think that Skinartia's all dark and gloomy, having done two sets with her gasmask already.  We found this to be pretty neat - two photographers' interpretation of the same theme.  But people are hard to please, so we decided we'd do something completely different.  Trouble is, dark and moody IS Skinartia - especially when you team her up with the talented MisterIan behind the lens. 

Check out the set to see what happens!

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