Happy Friday, everyone!

There are a lot of changes about to happen, the first of which start today. Our set release time is changing! Clearly, it's still Fridays, but now it's going to be at the stroke of midnight (Central time) on Fridays. This means your entire Friday can be full of nudity. Hooray!

We'll also be posting a weekly set preview for new sets on our Facebook page on Thursdays. Pretty rad, huh?

Today's brand new set is from a brand new model, so let me be the first to introduce her. Jo, everyone. Everyone, Jo! She comes to us with her very first awesome set, The Factory, in which she and photographer Brynna trespassed to create art like the awesome ladies that they are.

Check it out, leave a comment, and enjoy your weekend!

Watch for more and more changes as the weeks go on. Stoked.

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