That's right, I'm about to move back to Winnipeg! Hooray!

In other CS news, we shot an awesome new set last weekend in Banff. Can't wait to unveil it!

We've also been getting an awesome influx of applications. Keep 'em coming, we'll be able to schedule more and more shoots in the coming weeks as we get settled back into our usual routine.

We'll also be starting up a regular volunteer staff, so that things get done quicker around here. I've finally realized that if Cherrystems is to become a giant awesome force in the world of nudity, it's going to take an entire team.

The positions I'll be looking to fill are:
-Online promotions/strategy
-Model Application contact

If you feel like you'd like to help us out in any of those areas, fill out the Contact Us form, and we'll get to talking. Due to the nature of the promotions, we'll be looking for people in Winnipeg.

I'll be randomly changing out this week's featured set, as we don't have anything new right now! Stay tuned, though. Shit's about to get mountainous. I mean hot.

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