Hey you! Yeah, you. Did you know that Cherrystems also accepts male models? 'Cause we definitely do. In creating the concept of CS, we wanted to let everyone who wanted to be included have the chance to be included. Of course, that immediately meant to me that I could not draw a line between genders.

Here to prove/show it all to you is Ed in his set, Afternoon.

In other news, one of our photographers has been living in Banff for the last few months, arting it up. I'll be heading out there this weekend to catch up on her work, hang out, and probably cause some trouble. CS trouble is the best trouble.

I'll also be done what I came to Calgary to do in a week and a bit, so I'll be returning to Winnipeg to get cracking on CS v2.0.1 (point one). :)

Have a great weekend!

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