What in the hell?!

I'm living in Calgary for a bit, and am a little confused by how quickly it managed to sneak up on me.

This week, we're featuring a classic set, Classy Dame by Casey. This was one of the very first sets we shot for CS, years ago - before the site really even had ground to stand on. But here it is, being all extra wonderful for us today.

We're also happy to introduce you to a brand new model, who recently shot a set for CS. Her name is Adventuress, and her first set will be debuting the first Friday of November.

As for next week, stay tuned for a spooky new set from Samara, just in time for halloween!

Hope you're all having a great week, and seriously - if anyone knows anything good to do in Calgary, let me know. I've finally gotten all settled in, but have yet to start meeting new people. I'll be going to see the Einstein/Darwin exhibition at the science centre tomorrow, which should be awesome. Because Einstein and Darwin were awesome.

Go read Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut, by the way. Just finished it.

Can you tell I'm starved for conversation from the move?

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