Hey there,

This week we're featuring another set from the days of yore. Come and visit Arachnia's awesome set, Industrial!

Since we're getting a lot of new traffic around here after the On7 article, I should take a moment to explain a few things. First off, Fridays are the day that new things get posted around here. We're still a pretty new site, run entirely by volunteers. That means that, sometimes, we don't have anything completely new to show you some weeks. Instead of just leaving the same set up for two weeks at a time, we feature a "classic" set, to remind everyone what's around. It's not ideal, but we used to have a one set a month release schedule that we couldn't even keep up to. The moral of the story is - we're getting to a point where we can release sets more frequently. Yay!

All that said, next week we'll be introducing you to another brand new model! Hooray!

If you're interested in modeling for the site and coming forward with the sexiness that is you, no matter where you fit in, just drop by the model application page. It doesn't take long, and can be one of the most uplifting things you do!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Catch ya soon!

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