What a Friday it has been. In fact, what a week it has been!

Due to technical crappiness, we're unable to put one of our new sets up today. Grr! Dammit! But as a consolation prize, here's a reminder of how absolutely gorgeous Andrea is, in her set Bathing Beauty. I can't help but think of two things when I look at this set: 1) how amazingly relaxing the cabin was that we were staying in while the photos were being shot, and 2) how hilarious this lady is. She's about 10x as cute and bubbly in person as this set is, and I hope you keep enjoying it! We'll be back to new sets next week!

While I wish I had the gumption to type out more, I really don't. I've been working on layouts and wading through legalese all afternoon, and nothing sounds better than a nice nap.

Not to mention that I've made 5L of apple juice, 2 apple pies, and 2L of applesauce today. Whew!

Also, watch this video! Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.
Samara on Sep 10, 2010 at 4:25pm:
gumption ftw!!!!

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