Hey cats,

This Friday we're featuring an oldie but a greatie, a set by VixenMassacre. Follow the storyline that we've all been through at one point in our lives in her set, Beautiful Disaster. Getting ready to go out, but nothing is going right. The minutes are ticking by, and memories are flooding into your head. Eventually, you just crack and say a big "forget it!" to leaving the house.

At the end of the day, we're all worth way more than we give ourselves credit for - even in the face of a terrible day, month, or year.

Behind the scenes this week, we're gearing up to change things up and really take the project further. Thanks for all of your patience through everything! We have two new sets from new models in the queue, including Stiletto, who we absolutely can't wait to introduce to you! We'd introduce you to the other new model too, but she hasn't picked a name yet! That's how new she is. We've also got another new set from Skinartia, but you'll have to wait! Good things do come from that, I hear.

Have a badass long weekend, everyone!

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