Hey out there,

First, I'd like to extend a welcome to all the new traffic. A little intro is that we're a nudie website with paid memberships, focused on showcasing people as they are, personality included. Here's a little list of just a few of the many things we are:

-Run by a lady
-Run entirely by volunteers
-Incorporating as a not-for-profit
-All about equality
-LGBT* friendly

Well, I think that last point is true. But ya know.

Anyhow! To suit this week's feel, I'm bringing back an old set to the featured section. Andrea's Knits! is back this week for all those new members who haven't had the pleasure of feasting their eyes on a seriously amazing knitter. She's so lovely, AND I have news for you! She'll be shooting another new set very soon! Awesome. I hate that I use so many exclamation points, but really. Excited.

We've also been getting a lot of new sets and new models around these parts, so expect a lot of amazing newness in the near future - including a colourful addition, a shoot on a boat, and a seriously sexy homage to chemical warfare.

Oh man. It's gonna be awesome. Click here to sign up!

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