Hey kids,

It's another Friday here at Cherrystems, and we're featuring another set that has yet to be featured on our newly relaunched site. This classic has been around almost since the beginning, but is another that is just finally getting around to being featured on the main page. It's one of my favourites, so everyone head on over to Casey's set, Classy Dame and let her know what you think!

We're proud to announce that in these past two weeks, we've added two fabulous new models to our roster. The first is Skinartia, who I'm very happy to have met. This wee lady is a complete powerhouse in front of the lens. Fancy her if you please, and I think we can all agree that her sets are ones we'll look forward to. :)

Who is the second? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

We're also almost done with our new section of the site, which will feature all things prose. Movie reviews, erotica, music, and more. Thanks goes out to all the wonderful people that are lending their lexicons!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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