Happy Friday, everyone!

This fantastic Friday, we're introducing you to a brand new set from Cherrystems' favourite gothy gal, Arachnia. Her newest set, PVC, is shockingly sexy. If her piercing gaze doesn't get your, her sassy attitude will. Check it out and let her know how badass she is.

In other news, Cherrystems.com hopes to step up its presence on the West Coast this summer. If you're in the Vancouver area and are interested in getting in on the Cherrystems action, feel free to get in touch with me by emailing kate@cherrystems.com. I will be spending every other weekend in Vancouver, all summer long, and will be looking to network.

I'm also still looking for writers! We've already got a music reviewer and an erotica writer, but we want more. MORE!

Have a stellar weekend, everyone!

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