Hope everyone here in Canada had a great long weekend. I definitely did, and am now back in the city and back at the helm.

Welcome to all of our new members! We experienced a bit of a rush due to an AMA that I did on reddit this past week, and I've definitely appreciated all of the feedback we've been getting. Going from hundreds of page views daily to thousands daily was crazy and awesome.

We're also designing our very first magazine ad series, which should be appearing in a publication near you in a few months.

Isn't news wonderful?

Meeting some sexy new people this week who will hopefully be contributing their greatness to the site soon! In the meantime, we can wait for this upcoming Friday. You'll be meeting another brand new model, known as MissRuby. I'm just pleased as punch to have her aboard, and can't wait to show all of you what a great time we had shooting.

Stay sexy,

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