Leopard print and a pretty lady? Sounds good to me.

This week's new set really is The Cat's Meow. The beautiful VixenMassacre struts her sexy stuff, in a set that can only be described as having been spontaneous. I showed up in her home to figure out some outfit choices for her first set, Beautiful Disaster, when the idea for this set came together. Luckily, photographers Dayna and Brynna were up to the task of shooting a beautiful lady all afternoon. Hell yeah.

In other news, congrats go out to the winner(s) of the Cherrystems prizes at the Best of Burlesque fundraiser! It's the first time we've given stuff to a silent auction, and we'd do it again, goddammit!

I mean it!

Hopefully more shoots this week, and meeting a new photographer on Monday. Here's to Cherrystems, and to you.

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