Hello all,

Hope you're having a fine Thursday.

I have news for you! News! It's about Visa processing. We've now made our payment of fees to our processing overlords, CCBill, so that we can accept Visa transactions. Though apparently it's not that easy - it's now in Visa's hands to decide when and if we get to process those transactions. We're looking forward to offering this payment option to all of you, but this is just a note that I'm not sure when it's actually going to kick in. Once it does, I'll post again. If you happen to be going through the payment process and see the Visa sign available on the signup page before I do (say, if I'm asleep at the time of authorization), then that means we're live and processing.

At any rate, this can apparently take *up to* 30 business days, so I thought I should warn you. It's out of our hands at this point, and we do apologize for any inconveniences. If you've been affected by our inability to process Visa at the moment, please email kate@cherrystems.com, and I'll note that when you do sign up, I'll add some extra subscription time for you.

Thanks for all your patience and support!

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