We find ourselves at another Friday. A lot of people have been asking me about the other sets that were shot at the Royal Albert Hotel, which made me realize that the other sets we shot that day have never been featured, instead just sitting in the back corner alone.

To correct that problem, I'm today featuring Bailey's stunning set, Angel. She was one of the ladies that headed down to the Albert on a nice spring day soon after the residents were all cleared out of the upstairs hotel. Bailey was awesome about the whole experience, ready to jump in the tub in the murder room and anxious to bring out the beauty in these busted up rooms. I think she really achieved it in this set, don't you think?

Just for reference, the other set that we shot that day was my Going Up?, shot at the stairwell that leads to the roof of the Albert.

Next week we'll be back to new models and new sets, with a new one from Arachnia! You'll also be able to join the site using your shiny Visa card! Holy crap!

Have a great weekend.

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