Photonovel Review: The Grimm's Girl

by Kate. July 11, 2012.

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The Grimm's Girl: A photonovel by The Night Nurses

As you can guess, The Grimm's Girl is a graphic novel that uses photos rather than illustration.  All photos were shot by MJ and Ryan, who publish together as The Night Nurses. 

The photonovel itself arrived happily at my house in its clear plastic cover.  The quality of the printing and presentation was just as good as any mainstream-published (short) graphic novel.  Weighing in under 25 pages, it's not a huge commitment to get through the story either.  What will, however, catch you up are the photos. 

Featuring our own Cherrystems-patch-grown Iris, the story takes us through an argument between an angsty young woman and her mother.  While the story can be a bit hard to follow sometimes (I suggeset reading the back of the book first, then starting in with the preface, then on to the story itself), the photos more than make up it.  As you flip through, notice that the mother and daughter's voices are written in two different fonts.  This will help you to keep track.

Shot and edited here in Cherrystems' hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, we can't wait to watch as The Night Nurses develop their photo novel library.

Coming soon to the Cherrystems store!!  You can download it digitally here.
Iris on Jul 20, 2012 at 11:56pm:
Wow! thanks for the support Kate! :D

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