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by Kate. August 16, 2011.

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My Body Gallery

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Hey kids,

Have you heard about this sweet new website called My Body Gallery?  The link was forwarded to us by the lovely Skinartia on Facebook, and we're all kind of excited to get on submitting photos of ourselves. 

What the website is, at bare bones, is a site full of photos of people from head to toe, with their height, weight, pant and shirt sizes, as well as a body type selection (hourglass, apple, banana, pear).  For the moment, it seems to be geared toward women only.  The neat thing about it, though, is searching your own stats and seeing who comes up.  I was amazed when I searched my own measurements and found other women who - shock - look just like I do. 

Growing up, I'd tell people my weight and they'd comment that "oh, you don't look that heavy!" - which was a double edged sword.  It meant I didn't look fat (a teenager's dream), but that my weight - that number - meant that I was.  I happen to be a tall lady, so while my highschool counterparts weighed about 120lbs, they were also about 4-8 inches shorter than I was.  Telling people I weighed 160 was terrifying. 

Seeing a site like this makes me glad.  People can search their body types and be affirmed that yes, that's what it looks like, and there are other people out there just like me!  Well, hopefully they can.  The site's just starting up right now, so hopefully more and more people submit photos so that the experiment can reach its full potential.  Hopefully it can help people on both the skinnier and larger ends of the spectrum with low self esteem to realize that tons of other people are also happy in the same body.  Here's hoping!

Happy Tuesday, and enjoy your week!
Skinartia on Aug 17, 2011 at 6:25pm:
Such a great site. Everyone can find out that their body isn't "weird shaped", as I've heard all too many women (and men, for that matter) say.
Apollo on Feb 4, 2012 at 10:06am:
that site is filled with beautiful women. its so sad to hear that it only takes one person to say one word to have someone completely devalue themselves. just be healthy and yourself. :)

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