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by Kate. June 13, 2011.

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No Fauxxx


Beautiful Agony

This week's featured adult site is almost legendary these days.  I first heard about NoFauxxx about five years ago, when it was in a state similar to what Cherrystems is in now - infancy. 

I was shopping a set around, seeing if I could find a site that fit my idea of a place I'd like to be naked.  NoFauxxx was one of the places that I'd tried on for size.  It's true that their philosophies of people being equal, and ideas of destruction of gender norms in porn have played heavily into my philosophies and goals in starting up Cherrystems. 

NoFauxxx is definitely more explicit than Cherrystems, which was something I wasn't sure I'd be into at the time.  They were really my last attempt before deciding that I needed to start up my own site.  While I was accepted to be a model on NF, I eventually backed out before official submission of the photos.  Maybe someday I'll still give it a try.  They've inspired me so much that being part of it would be pretty amazing.  Sexuality is awesome, and expressing it explicitly is awesome too. Whenever I get emails from people who are looking to be more explicit than Cherrystems is aiming for, I refer them to NF.  We all have our ways of expressing ourselves, and I love that there are so many homes on the internet for us to express ourselves in.

Thanks NoFauxxx! 

Dole on Jun 15, 2011 at 4:49pm:
Make the Shadow CS.

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