The who, what, where, and why

What is Cherrystems?

At the bare bones level, we're a website of nude photography, as you may have been able to gather. We feature photos of women and/or men in various states of undress in sets, each containing around 35-70 photographs.

We are a philanthropic company, meaning that we donate our profits to groups that we feel align with our principles of harm reduction, sex worker rights, and grassroots activism. We feel a responsibility to our communities, and feel that a more positive (as in, easier to talk about, less shame-based) relationship with sexuality is essential to living free. came out of the head of one Kate Sinclaire. Unsatisfied with other sources of naked people on the internet, she set out to create something that she really believed in. A community for people who really believe that sexy is a word with a million interpretations, and a place where people could just be exactly as sexy as they want to be in the ways that made them feel empowered. Sounds like the kind of place a lot of people would like to hang out, no?

We're Canadian!

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with photographers all across this vast land from Vancouver to Halifax. The company is run by owner Kate, with help from some lovely people. They are all thanked down at the bottom of this page.

Commitment to diversity

At Cherrystems, we aim to include. We're a diverse society as a whole, so why should our erotica be anything less? While we do operate on a "less is more" philosophy, we also feature sets that range from simple classic beauty to bondage and gas masks. Welcome to diversity - it's right out your front door.

Another driving force of Cherrystems is based in the respect awarded to those that choose to work in the sex industry. We are folks from any walk of life, and we take ourselves seriously.

What's terribly backwards is that society, through popular culture, highly encourages the over-sexualization of the human body, yet people who choose to be openly sexual themselves are often seen as morally inferior. Unfortunately for the naysayers, being happy with your body and your sexuality does not imply ignorance or moral bankruptcy. There is often a lot of negative language used to describe people that choose to be outwardly sensual or sexual, and rarely much positive.

Still, the sex industry is the oldest and (we feel) grandest one out there. It's time to reclaim ground and earn some respect for the people that are in this line of work. Starting here, who knows were we could go.

Our mission is to give models of all orientations, genders, colours, backgrounds, and persuasions a place to get to know each other and to belong, and to give back to the communities that shaped us.

The name Cherrystems itself was the creation of a girl named Robyn. She's great. is the sum of the work of every single person that has helped along the way. We are all volunteers, never having received a dime from the project. Someday, that may change. Let's be honest - if this gets to full-time work territory, some of us may have to quit our day jobs. But the point remains that these awesome people have brought you all of this from absolutely nothing but their own skill and personal time.

Of course Cherrystems is also made up of the models, photographers, and artists who create the photos, but here's a look at those people that keep things going behind the scenes.

Kate - Owner, manager, model, gopher, friend, and confidante. I'm the "boss" around here, though everyone who works with me can attest to the fact that I don't like to pull the "boss" routine unless I have to. I came up with the idea for Cherrystems way back in 2006, and through years of falling on my face and learning how to actually run a business, I've surfaced on the other side. The other side being, of course, a complete, launched website and loyal fan base.

I'm a cis white woman with a bachelor of arts in sociology from the University of Manitoba. You may ask how I've managed to end up doing what I do. To give some back end to the story, I was actually anti-porn until the age of 20. I was of the opinion that my significant other was going to leave me for the naked people he was looking at online, and that these people were lacking some kind of moral fibre. I realized slowly that this was not only not true, but that I also enjoyed looking at porn. It made me love my partner no less, and I formed no obsessions with any actor or model. Hm. Interesting hypocritical dilemma.

I began to immerse myself in literature and studies at university based around the adult industry. The more I learned about it, the more I realized that sex work is work, and that it was the kind of work that I not only could see myself doing, but that I wanted to do. The next step was forming the idea, getting the support, and going ahead.

I'm a super easy-going person. I'm all about equality. I love Kurt Vonnegut, gardening, and collecting records.

Aaron - Programmer, helper, lover and fighter. Computer geek from a young age, Aaron stepped in to this task when it was half-standing. The former site hardly worked, was unsafe, and was threatening to bring the project to the scrap heap. Thankfully, Aaron stepped in and breathed new life into the whole thing. If you have any issues with the functionality of the site, this guy is the one you'll be talking to.

Aaron graduated from the University of Manitoba's Computer Science program in 2007, and from the college of being a sexy human being in 1982.

Chad - Designer Extraordinaire, man of many talents. Chad is the design bomb. He has designed this whole site's layout, as well as our advertisements. He graduated from Red River College, and has lent his talents to some big names.

This could go on for years, but here are the people and groups that I would like to thank for all of their support and love. Thanks first of all to all of the models and photographers, specifically Andrea, Casey, Bailey, and Arachnia on the model side, as you've all been around from the start; Dayna, Brynna, and Ian on the photographer side. Also thanks to the anonymous photographer team on the site for all the help you gave us right off the hop.

Thanks to Nicole for all your help with hair and makeup.

Thanks to Cory and Sarah, Aqua Books, Dave at the Albert, and to everyone's house that we have taken over with equipment. Thanks also to those who have lent us items to be used in sets such as records, furniture, clothing, accessories, animals, and everything in between.

Also thanks to: BUST magazine, Winnipeg Roller Derby League, Brandon Roller Derby League, The Winnipeg Free Press, CBC French (RDI), Playground Conf, and our friends at Spit Exposed.

Last but not least, thank you to all the members of! While we could keep taking pictures and putting them up without an audience, we certainly do appreciate that you've been awesome enough to pay some cash for quality, lovingly made smut. :)

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